Thursday, January 28, 2016

Purple Moxie Review

It's hard finding time to take care of yourself in today's world.  Like most other moms, I'm a woman on the go.  From the time I get up till I go to bed.  I'm a parent to two special needs kids and am now in the process of training a service dog for them.  So as you can imagine, life is really crazy!

I heard about Purple Moxie from a friend of mine.  She also is the Moxie Lady of the month this month (more on that later).  Purple Moxie is a monthly subscription that describes itself as "a little box of gratitude".  It has various items that come in it monthly for some much needed pampering.

I was really curious and decided to go ahead and get a box!  

 My box came today.  I'm a believer in good things coming in small packages.  So I did what the website suggested.  I got in my nice comfy clothes, made a nice cup of hot tea, put the kids to bed, and got ready to open up the box!

 Can you say wowzers?!  There was a ton of stuff in that little box!  Warm and Cozy was the theme and it was definitely lived up to its name.

 Let's start with the teas.  There were two types of tea.  Chamomile and a winter spice blend.  There was also a packet of hot chocolate (not pictured because after I saw that I ditched my tea and made hot chocolate).  The bags had cute little sayings.  One was All you need is tea and warm socks.  I can't drink certain blends due to my food allergies, but the herbs used in the bags will be put to use as sachets.  I'm a multi purpose sort of gal that way!

 Now lets talk about the mug.  This is my favorite item in the box!!  I mean, seriously how cute is a mug sweater?  I also took the sweater off (for those of you who may be opposed to dressing your cups) and the mug itself has very pretty designs on it.
They also included bath salts.  With lavender.  After I'm done with this I'm going to take a nice long soak!! I'm loving the attention to details as well.  Note the little button and rick rack.

The socks are well made and will come in handy since no one likes me sticking my cold feet on them!

Also lip balms!  This is a super hot commodity in my home.  I have an 8 year old who takes them from me every chance he gets.  I have stashed these in a safe spot.  One is Tahitian Vanilla and the other is peppermint.  I tried the peppermint and it was just right!  Not overpowering at all.

The box also came with recipes to make on cold winter nights.  They looked really good and most are easily modified if you have food allergies.

So all the items were great.  But let me tell you another couple of reasons why you may want to become a Purple Moxie member.

First, every month a new woman is highlighted to be the Moxie Lady.  This woman shows courage, strength, and fortitude.  You can see Katie, this month's Moxie Lady here.  You can also take time to nominate your own Moxie Lady.  I have over 300 women in Virginia that have special needs children that I am proud to know and be a part of.  They will be hearing from me.

Another reason is that if you share a pic of you and your box with the hashtag #purplemoxiesharethelove on their Facebook page here they donate a portion to a charity for women and girls.  Awesome!!

This is a monthly subscription.  You are billed automatically.  It's $29.95 a month and to sign up the link is right here.  You can also send this as a gift to someone.  I already have a few ladies in mind for that!

So take some time and check them out.  I promise you won't be disappointed!