Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fun-schooling with Minecraft by Sarah Janisse Brown, Isaac Brown, and Tolik Trishkin

There is a curriculum for everything out there.  Yes, there is.

Today I'm handing my blog over to my nine year old son.  I was going to write a review for an amazing new curriculum for Minecraft fans but I was told that I could not do proper justice to it.  So without further ado, here is my nine year old son Marvin.

My name is Marvin.  I'm nine years old and Minecraft is my favorite game!!  I would play it all the time but I have to do chores and stuff.

I home school.  That means I go to school at home and can wear PJs all day long.  Except when I have to go out.  Then I wear my cowboy boots.

I used to go to regular school.  But it was hard.  Letters and numbers looked funny.  Everyone else could learn but I couldn't.  I felt dumb.  I would come home angry a lot.  Before I lived with my mom I lived with another family.  I have something called Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Mom also took me to some doctors who tested me for learning stuff.  It was boring but mom says she learned a lot.  The doctor said I should have some fancy word (mom says it's called modifications).  But the school still wouldn't do what mom said.  Boy did that make her mad.  But I was just sad all of the time.

Then one day mom said I have something new to try.  It was my first book by The Thinking Tree.  It was so much fun!!  I loved it.  But then I finished it.  Then mom found this book for me!!  MINECRAFT!!!!

This book is so awesome!!  It is written with special letters that make it easier for me to read.  I get to learn about lots of neat things.  I am studying China.  I have made the Great Wall in my Minecraft world.  It is my new favorite country.

I also get to watch documentaries.  I watch How It's Made.  I like learning how things are made.  I have seen almost everything get made.

I read neat books too.  Some times I listen to them on tape, but I like reading.  I didn't like reading before these books but now I want to read everyday.  I like it when mom sits down and we all read together.  My little sister is blind so we read out loud a lot so she can have books to.

I also get to write things.  It sometimes takes me longer but that's OK.  I wrote all about a day in the life of a modern miner.  Mom was surprised with how much I knew.

My favorite part is that I get to play Minecraft EVERY DAY!!!  I take the things I learn and put them in my worlds.  I have cool things all over.

I love this book.  I can learn.  I can do things and I feel smarter now.  Thank you for making this book for kids like me.  I'm going to see if I can play Minecraft now.