Monday, July 6, 2015

Betrayed by Amy Clipston

I like finding hidden gems.  One thing I enjoy is when you have read an author for a while and then find out they wrote other things before they found a niche.  

That's the case with Amy Clipston.  I found her pre-Amish book Betrayed in my library a few weeks ago.  

Amy Clipston is know for Amish fiction and the Kauffman series.  I have really enjoyed them.  When we were at the library a few weeks ago my awesome son pointed out this book.  While I insisted there were more Amy's in the world he equally insisted that this was one of her books.  My son is a pretty smart cookie.  I made the mistake of putting the book on a table while I was helping the kiddos check out and the next thing I knew the book was gone!  I had to go on a wait list.  But this book was well worth the wait.  

Betrayed tells the story of Lacey, the daughter of a NASCAR team owner who has been in love with Reese for as long as she can remember.  Reese is driver on the team and had grown up with Lacey. He sees her as a kid sister an grew up with her.  He also dates around a lot. 

When Lacey's stepmother and father were killed in an accident she begins to suspect things aren't quite right.  She turns to Reese to help figure out what happened.  The story moves along at a good fast pace keeping you involved and guessing what will happen right until the end.  Will Reese and Lacey learn to trust each other?  Will they uncover what really happened to her parents?  Well, I'm not going to spoil it for you. 

Now I really enjoyed the book but I do want to give fair warning, this is a departure from Christian fiction.  If you are looking for bonnets and buggies you won't find them here.  It is a fiction, mystery, romance combination.  I'm glad my son found this little treasure and that it is still enjoying popularity in my neck of the woods.  Pick up a copy and enjoy!  Happy Reading!  

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