Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Thinking Tree's Therapeutic Coloring Book and Dyslexia Games

We have been busy trying to find a rhythm for our homeschool.  This being my first year it has been a roller coaster!  We have been trying to find really great matches for our son's  learning needs.

When we adopted Marvin we knew he was born meth addicted and had Shaken Baby Syndrome.  The social worker calmly said "Love him and he will be fine."  Well, love has done amazing things but the abuse he suffered pre removal impacted his ability to lean.  Add to that the trauma of abuse and two school who let him fall through the cracks because they could not teach the way he learns you have a mess.

We did have him tested and with support from other special needs moms he's started the home school journey with me.  He has lots of learning blocks some of which are forms of dyslexia and ADHD.  I have spent hours and hours (because sleep is overrated) looking for materials that will capture his unique learning needs and are "cool" for boys.

So one day a mom with a large group of adopted kids mentioned the Thinking Tree.  I was intrigued. So I started looking at there stuff.  Holy Cow!!!  Books for a kid like mine?  Well the first one that caught my eye was this one:
Because who doesn't love coloring.  Sooo I placed it out with some new colored pencils and started school work with Marvin.  I started with math since I know it stresses him out.  Sure enough he started to amp a bit.  So I took the opportunity to introduce the coloring book.  I simply said, how about you color in this while I go over the lesson.  Well, it worked.  Marvin was immediately drawn in (sorry bad pun).  He enjoyed the book because he loves art.  

The best part about this is that there is a whole series of books from homeschool handbooks to Dyslexia Games.  If I had an unlimited budget I would have one of everything just because these are amazing resources.  The next book I hope to get is Multiplication Games because it looks like so much fun (imagine me saying that for math).  

Check out these great books!  Happy Teaching! 

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