Saturday, March 12, 2016

Taking the Plunge an Audible Book by Angela Breidenbach

I live way out in the country so long drives are a way of life with me.  I normally plug in my favorite radio station but I decided to try something wild and crazy.  An audiobook.  What can I say, I live on the edge.

I have had an on again off again relationship with audiobooks.  I get them on occasion but often would just rather read the book for several reasons.  One is sometimes you get a reader who reminds you of a teacher that you had way back when that puts you to sleep.  Not good when you drive. Another reason is that I have children who keep a running commentary about my book selections. 

But I decided to take a chance and listen to Angela Breidenbach's book. I was glad I did! From the publisher's summary: 
Could she believe in herself when no one else did?
A progressive thinker in 1892 Montana, Delphina O'Connor believed God-given dreams for women didn't stop at marriage and children. Hers might not include a husband or family at all. So when Hugh Thomas rescues the new swimming instructor at the elegant Broadwater Natatorium from near drowning in the plunge, how can anyone believe the freedom to enjoy swimming, competition, and a healthy body is an appropriate activity for a proper lady? Hugh is about to find out status quo is the starting line for a courageous woman with a dream!
Taking the Plunge explores the real-world question: What do you do when you think differently than the world around you?
This was my first book by Angela Breidenbach. 

I really enjoyed the story overall. Ms. Breidenbach touched on a time period near and dear to my heart. Many of my family were suffragettes. Times were changing rapidly for women and we were struggling to make a place for ourselves in a man's world.

Delphina had different dreams. She didn't want to rush into marriage and a family. I loved how spirited she was from right out of the gate. We meet her as she dives into a pool to save a drowning child. Her spirited energy and fire kept me cheering her on. Hugh also becomes enamored with her. Can he convince her to give him a swimming chance?
I even enjoyed the book performer, Tristan Leder.  She was pleasant to listen to and did a pretty good job bringing the story to life.  
I plan on looking into more books by Ms. Breidenbach and may get really brave and get some of them on Audible.  Pick up your copy today!  Happy Reading!  

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