Monday, July 4, 2016

Dance and Be Glad (From the Promises Above Series Book 2) By Melissa Wardwell

Summer is in full force in the Old Dominion State.  It's hot, muggy, and rainy.  In other words, perfect reading weather.  My summer book stack has a nice dent in it and I find that I'm using my Kindle more and more.  I still love the feel of a "real" book, but sometimes it's easier to just grab Fiona (what, you don't name your electronics too?) and head to my favorite spot on the front porch with some sweet tea and a good book.

Dance and Be Glad is the second book from the Promises Above Series and my first read by Melissa Wardwell.  

From the Back:  Jillian Matthews is a widowed mom and owner of a dance studio in a small farming community. When her husband died nine years ago in the desert of the Middle East, a piece of her died as well and she lost all joy in the day to day blessings. Tiny dancers and her daughter, Katie, are her main focus until an old flame, Michael Emerson, waltzes back into her life, awakening things she thought dead and gone. 
Dr. Michael Emerson told himself he was happy with his bachelorhood after a messy divorce. He thought his life as an ER doctor and yearly missions work left no room for a wife and family. When tragedy strikes and he is left with an unforeseen situation, he must evaluate his life and make some major changes.

This book was a wonderful read!  Life can change quickly and we can loose the ones we love in the blink of an eye.  Melissa Wardwell did a fantastic job of creating realistic characters and how they were coping with their grief and trying to be positive and strong.  

Jill and Mike were pulled apart many years ago and two tiny cupids decide that they belong together. Can they overcome the past?  Can they let God lead them in the right direction?  

This book was a great read and requires a box of tissues!  It has a great ending and you won't be disappointed.  So pick up your copy of Dance and Be Glad (if you have a Fiona and Kindle unlimited it's free!) you will be glad you did!  Happy Reading! 

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