Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Amy Clipston's summer reading challenge

So I've been issued a challenge by our Bakery Bunch.  Pick four of Amy Clipston's books that you should read over the summer.  That was a tough one!  I love summer reads but everyone has different tastes in books.  So I went back through my book stash and posts to help you find a great summer read!  So here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

1. Betrayed

I know most people associate Amy with the Amish genre and while this is where a majority of her books take place in there is something about summer, speed, adventure, and a page turner.  You can see my review here. This book is very popular where I live and there is always a wait list on it at the library!  

2.  The Gift Of Love
There are people who like to read nonfiction over the summer.  I pick up a few (OK a lot) of books to expand knowledge and learn about other people's lives.  If you are looking for a fantastic nonfiction pick and Amy's incredible family journey, this is your book.  You can check out my review here.

3.  Miles From Nowhere
If you have tweens or teens in your house chances are they need to read for school.  Why not pick some books that you can read together as a family and discuss them?  There are three books in the series but they can be read as stand alones.  So grab them and have some fun family reading time. You can see my review here.

4.  The Courtship Basket
I also love picking up an author's new book for a good beach read!  So why not grab a copy of The Courtship Basket and hit your favorite beach, or porch swing!  Amy's Amish Heirloom series is a great summertime read and you can find my review here.

So grab some great books and go enjoy some summer sunshine!  Happy Reading! 


  1. Loved how you included all ages and genres, Amy! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  2. I loved your variety, Amy. With the exception of The Gift of Love, Amish is all I've read. I hope to read one of her YA stories soon.

  3. I'm waiting for the 'gift of love' to arrive for a summer read; rist time author for me. I also love amish