Sunday, August 7, 2016

That's Not My Hedgehog by Usborne

My earliest memories are of books.  My mom was never too busy to read to me.  I would toddle over with a rather large stack and demand stories.  My mom couldn't keep up somedays so I soon learned how to read myself.  I don't remember being taught it just seemed to happen.

Now my children both love to be read to and it seems like I can't keep up.  They have both inherited a love for books.  There is a general guestimate that reading to your child 20 minutes a day is a good start.  For younger children you can go less and for older children more.

My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and Vision Issues so finding books that she can enjoy has always been a bit more challenging.  She loves being read to, but I love books that she can participate in. She has Braille Books but is in love with touchy feely books!

Usborne to the rescue!  They have come out with a great touchy feely series.  From the back: A touchy-feely board book with simple, repetitive text, tactile patches and bold illustrations specially designed for babies and toddlers. Small children can meet a range of friendly hedgehogs, and by using their sense of touch, work out which hedgehog is theirs. Don't forget to spot the little white mouse that's hiding on each page!

This is a very cute series.  There is literally a touchy feely book for every taste out there.  Not into hedgehogs?  No problem.  Pick from cats, reindeer, puppies, meerkats (yes they have that one).  The writing is simple and focused on the textures.  My daughter was hooked from the very first one and we have about eight of these books.  As a bonus we have one in Braille too!  She cannot get enough of them.  Mom may get slightly tired of reading them, but hearing her laugh and become fully engaged is well worth it.  

These books are only available thorough Usborne.  I have a really great consultant that I enjoy working with and when I'm at fairs and such you tend to see booths with the books in them.  So if you want to check them out before you get them you can do that too!  We have had mixed results with getting them from the library.  Lots of little hands and love sometimes mean you don't get the full sensory experience and that's important to my daughter.  

So grab your little one, a hedgehog, fairy, or puppy and snuggle up with a fun read!  Happy Reading!  

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