Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Worth Forgiving by Janet K. Brown

This summer I have tried to make it a point to discover some new writers.  Sometimes, good luck smiles and in this case a writer found me.  I was asked to read a brand new, not released book! SQEEEE!!!!!!  So I pretended to be cool about it (which I am pretty sure I failed miserably at) and agreed to read the book.

This is book 2 in The Wharton Rock Series.  From the back:  Can prejudice and mistrust threaten an ex-con drug addict's new beginning?

After spending three years in a Texas prison on drug charges, Katie Smith is released to rebuild her life. Full of optimism, she sets out to get a job, rent her own place, and make a home for her eight-year-old daughter, whom she had to give away. She could use a friend, but her past choices threaten to doom her to continued failure.

Larry Pullman graduated from seminary with high marks, but the fact that he has no wife makes finding a preaching job almost impossible. It doesn't help that running from God as a teenager gave him a past that he can't undo. He sure doesn't need an ex-con drug addict messing up his life, but then why did God lead him to her? Or did He?

Now Lacey Chandler has to cope with her ex-con sister too. Isn't it enough that she gave her niece a home? Does that mean she has to clean up Katie's messes forever? Why is forgiving such a burden?

Could it be Katie's not Worth Forgiving?

This book focus is on the youngest sister, Katie.  I always worry a little bit about coming into the middle of the series.  Sometimes you have a hard time following along.  But Janet Brown did an excellent job of filling in the reader on other characters.  So even if you haven't read the first one you can fall right into the story.

Katie was a really well thought out and strong character.  There were some hard things in that happened to her and just as in real life she made mistakes and triumphs.  Katie's relationship with her sister was something that I related to on a personal level.  It struck many chords with me throughout the story.  The characters as a whole were extremely well thought out and well written.

Seeing Larry and Katie's relationship change as the story unfolded was so enjoyable.  At times I found myself bossing the characters in hopes of pushing them together quicker.  The story also had some great twist and turns and surprises that left me guessing what was going to happen next.  What I really enjoyed most about the storyline was that these things could and do really happen in our world as well.  The characters also have to learn to trust in God's plans and timing.

There were also a few things I'd have tweaked.  Without spoiling it, the ending felt a little unfinished. There was such a great build up towards the end, but there were some unanswered questions and it felt a bit rushed.

Overall, it was a great new find and I was so excited to get to read Janet's book.  I plan on going back to Wharton Rock to pick up the first book in the series so I can catch how it began.  So pick up your copy of Worth Forgiving on September 1st and plan on falling in love with some amazing new characters!  Happy Reading!

Janet K. Brown lives in Wichita Falls, Texas with her husband, Charles. Writing became her second career after retirement from medical coding. 

Worth Her Weight will be the author’s debut inspirational women’s fiction, but it makes a perfect companion to her recently released, Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness. Both books encompass her passion for diet, fitness, and God’s Word. Worth Her Weight marks Brown’s third book. Who knew she had a penchant for teens and ghosts? She released her debut novel, an inspirational young adult, Victoria and the Ghost, in July, 2012. 

Janet and her husband love to travel with their RV, visit their three daughters, two sons-in-law and three perfect grandchildren, and work in their church. Find her at http:/ /www.janetkbrown.com on Twitter, @janetkbrowntx , on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Janet-K-Brown-Author/143915285641707

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