Monday, March 6, 2017

Once Upon A Book Club

Sometimes people try to reinvent the wheel and it falls flat.  Sometimes it is a smashing success.

In a new service I discovered thanks to my book loving friends, Once Upon A Book Club,  a monthly book club takes the wheel and rolls with it!

The idea is to fully immerse you in the author's world.  You receive a pretty box:

In that box you find the book of the month (This month's book was From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon) and other goodies wrapped up to go along with the story.  

This is so cute!  In typical me fashion I had to pull everything out right away, shake packages and see if I could guess what was in there.  
Everything was boxed up so prettily and I couldn't tell what was in a single box.  So because I was so excited to unwrap stuff and the book looked so inviting, I started reading right away.  

This was amazing.  The book itself was powerful and could have stood alone. Originally I was going to review the book and the service together but both are so outstanding that I felt that each needed the limelight of an individual post.  I looked forward to getting to each page so I could open each package.  

I want to say that there was a lot of thought that went into each individual present.  I found that even though you can open each gift when you get to the post it note (I did that with the first one) it's so much better if you read the whole page first and even the next page.  I found myself reflecting more on the item and thinking about that part of the story. 

So I am putting a spoiler in here.  If you haven't read to wear the first post it note is DON'T PEEK!
 Wow!  The first gift and all the other ones just blew me away.  I repeat, someone put an amazing amount of thought into these gifts.  As I sat looking at Eva's purse and passport I was transported to her side as she was being brought in for questioning.  Her fear became mine.

From start to finish this was such an immersive experience for me.  I loved it all.  Plus, there is a bonus online community and book discussion.  I'm excited to take part in it!

So if you are looking for an amazing new way to jump into a good book I would strongly recommend signing up!  You can see their website here!  March's book box will be shipping out soon and  I can't wait to see what I get!  So pick up your subscription and plan on being transported and immersed in a good book!  Happy Subscribing!

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