Sunday, May 1, 2016

75 Reasons to Believe in God: A Wordless Book of Evidence For a Designer, Creator, and Giver of Life By Sarah Janisse Brown

 I love books that challenge you to not only find your own words and provide stunning illustrations.  Being a homeschooling mama anything that I can incorporate into the school day with the kiddos is a huge plus.

I am a fan of Sarah's work.  She's a missionary in the Ukraine, homeschools a large family, and still manages to turn out amazing educational products and beautiful books.

From the back: A wordless book that vividly illustrates the wisdom, power and creativity of the Almighty God.
The only words in this entire book are on the cover, the intriguing photos speak for themselves.
This book is intended to be used for Homeschooling Creation Science conversation starters and research prompts. For all ages.
If you doubt the existence of God, you need this book. If your friends need evidence for creation show them this book.

This book is beautiful and breathtaking. I ordered it after I had heard Sarah talk about it.  I bought this
book after a hard couple of weeks when I needed some encouragement and uplifting.  I took the book, 
a cup of tea, and hit the front porch swing.  I felt so peaceful and relaxed as I took time and enjoyed the 
breathtaking beauty of the photos.  My children and I have had great discussions about the pictures and 
have looked at the book over and over.  The intent of the book was to discuss how your family sees God 
and creation.  I think you could even do a group bible study with this gem.  

I'm so pleased with the book.  Pick up your copy today and enjoy!  Happy Reading!  

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