Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mail Order Revenge by Angela Couch

This week is a busy one!  I don't normally head too far away from home but I had training this week. I was traveling and didn't want to lug my whole library with me so I grabbled my Kindle Fire and hit the road.

It's been a little bit since I used it last but I had some books in there tucked away for my trips.  I decided to start with Angela's book!

Isn't that a great looking cover?  Plus after marathon training sessions this looked like something I could really get into.  From the back: Elizabeth Landvick knows of one man to blame for her family’s loss of fortune and her parents’ deaths. Now, she will stop at nothing to take her revenge and recover their wealth. Even travel across the country to marry the man’s son. With his focus on his sprawling Arizona ranch, Axel Forsberg has little time for wooing a woman, so when his father finds him a bride from the east, he trusts he won’t regret the convenience. Until horses go missing, barns burn to the ground, a range war begins…and he loses his heart.

This novella was a great fast paced read.  Elizabeth is the strong female lead who is desperatly craving revenge against the family that she believes caused her family's ruin.  She escapes from poverty in New York and takes on a new persona to fool Axel and his father.  While at the ranch anger and bitterness rule her every move as she tries to drag the family down.  

Axel is smitten with Elizabeth from the start and wants to win her affection and trust.  They've made a life for themselves.  Can Elizabeth let go of the past and learn the power of forgiveness or will her drive for revenge drag them all down?  

Pick up your copy today of this fantastic book and see what happens!  Happy Reading! 

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  1. Thank so much for the great review, Amy! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)