Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bakery Bunch

No,  I'm not off on another baking post.  Although there is nothing more I like better than curling up with a warm cup of tea, gluten free snack, and a good book.

I was excited to be chosen as part of Amy Clipston's street team, The Bakery Bunch.  I discovered Amy's book a few years back when I was amazon surfing and there was a free book of hers available. I've been hooked ever since.  Amy writes Amish fiction and young adult books.  You can link to her website here.

We got some amazing goodies and I got to take my camera and show where some of these goodies and I traveled to.  Unfortunately, my phone had other ideas and now my selfies are lost in space somewhere.  So I had to get a little creative.  The first photo is the only one I was able to find and of course, I'm not in it.
I got my goodies and I was pretty happy!  I love purple and having a new book is always a treat!!  I was really excited to start reading it!

Ok, so we got this really cool bag and not only have I taken a shine to it but so has my little girl. So we share.

When we go places I load her AFOs, feeding and g-tube supplies and we're off!  I get lots of compliments on it and a little boy at one of therapy sessions kept trying to take it, lol!

I took my bookmarks to the local library and was able to leave them with the librarian there.  (Note these following photos are reenactments of actual events due to lost photos.  All participants were willing and voluntarily offered their services.)
After my stop at the library I found one of Amy's books!
I was very excited.  Her books are easy to find around where I live (sorry the photo is sideways, I can't seem to fix it and I'm not taking any chances on loosing another one!)

I put on my new luggage tags right away.  This is going to be great since we are heading to Florida in about 20 days.  

The tumbler has been fantastic.  This is a hot commodity in our home.  I have to hide it if I ever want to drink out of it!
See what I mean?

I also put the pens to good use.  I tend to be the Bermuda Triangle of pens.  I have made sure to bring and leave them at doctors, the bank, and all the other places I make pens disappear from.
I'm off!  Happy Reading everyone!

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