Monday, January 12, 2015

Why I'm here!

I love to blog!  I have another two blogs that I keep really busy at, but the stuff I want to post here really doesn't fit into my other blogs, so this one was born out of necessity.

I'm a lover of food, but about a year ago I was diagnosed with IBS.  Some people call it a crap diagnosis, but that's what I've got.  I got really sick with the stomach bug de jour about 3 years ago.  I worked at a school at the time and it was going around like crazy!  Every kid and lots of the parents were dropping like flies.  It was out of control horrible.  I could talk about sanitation efforts, but I won't go there.  Suffice to say after being out of work with it for over a week and after that it still took about six weeks to be able to keep anything in longer than a day, my gi landscape changed forever.  I also think some of it is bio, because some in my family have touchy tummies and mine was a little on the sensitive side beforehand, but the illness pretty much killed the rest of it.

So I was placed on a low FODMAP eating program.  I still have good days and bad, but most days are so much better!  I am low dairy, gluten free, and low fructose and a few other things.  The most frustrating thing is that there aren't a ton of recipes out there!  So I hope to post them!  Lots of them!

I'm also an avid reader.  In between reading lots of fodmap things, books on medical conditions (two special needs kids and my gut lol), and Montessori I am a big time reader of Amish Fiction.  Yes, I love them.  I'm also a proud member of a street team (more on that later).  So you will hear me talk about them!

Last but not least, I'm an AMS certified Montessori primary teacher.  I love Montessori. It's my passion bringing this to the masses and showing people that this is not just an educational method for the elite.  I now home school my special needs daughter using this method.  When I was a teacher we were in the process of adopting her.  I naively thought that I would be able to find an amazing school for her.  Ummm, let's just say the responses have been less than positive.  So I am determined that she have an opportunity to be educated this way!


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