Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What do I eat?

Eating is a social event in our culture.  When you have a condition that limits that, it can be a headache and then some.

I used to love to go out to eat.  All the time.  Now I avoid it as much as possible.  Not that I still don't love going out.  I just don't love what it does to me.

Another thing is I used to bake.  A lot.  I loved it.  When my diet changed I had to change too.  But I had the blues because I felt like I was being cheated.  So I decided that I would learn to make things that I love again in a safe format for me.

The first thing was muffins!  I love muffins.  I eat one pretty much every day.  Or more.  But I was buying them and frankly the price was killing me.  One pack of my fodmap safe brand is between 5-7 dollars.  For 4 muffins.  So I felt like I was being taken to the cleaners on this one!

I decided to try to make my own.  That didn't go well.  They tasted like rubber, plus I have two special needs kids so by the time I find ingredients, get it put together, and still have it taste bad is discouraging!

Then I was out shopping today and the light shone and angels sang!  King Arthur has a muffin mix!  With fodmap safe ingredients!  Yay!!  I snapped it up, took it home and assembled my cast.

Not pictured butter, eggs, and lactose free milk.  But it was easy!  You don't have to put chocolate chips in it, you can add fruit, nuts, gummy worms (my 7 year old's idea).  But I used my "safe" chocolate chips.  I only used a cup because a) they are expensive and b) one cup is plenty!

I started with wet ingredients.  Six tablespoons butter, 3 eggs, 1 cup lactose free milk, and a splash of gluten free vanilla.  Then I threw in 1 cup chocolate chips, then I added the dry mix.  I folded it gently and put it in a 375 oven for 18 minutes.

Sorry my pic is sideways here, but can we just say yum!   The box said it only would make 12 but I ended up with 18 muffins (one tragically lost his life in a taste testing).  So for the price I paid they are cheaper than my premade ones and they will last longer.

A couple of tips/hints.  I can do butter, eggs, and lactose free milk.  But some can't.  You can sub oil, almond or rice milk.  You can also do an egg substitute. You don't need the vanilla, but I think it made it taste better.

Also you MUST spray the muffin tins or muffin paper.  Gluten free stuff can stick.  I used olive oil spray.  And if you aren't going to eat them in three days time freeze them.  I let them cool stuck them in a freezer bag and they are now hanging out in the freezer waiting to munch.  They are best eaten within 2-3 months but with an active 7 year old and his muffin munching mama, that won't be a problem.

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