Friday, January 16, 2015

Giveaway Time!!

As any Montessori person could probably tell you, they have a lot of stuff.  Most of it very well cared for.

I am proud of my hoarder status, lol.  But what I am realizing is that I don't need it all.

So my mission is to spread the knowledge and share the largess.  And to find my master bedroom closet once again!

When I was in training I was told that this was mystical knowledge and should be kept hush hush. After all we didn't want just "anyone" to have all star access.  The same was true when I became a teacher at most of my places.

Then I became a stay at home mom/home school renegade teacher.  And people asked questions.  I joined groups and learned so much.  I have a love of learning and sharing knowledge.  It's how we grow.

So I decided that I wanted to give back and help others on this journey.  There are only so many things I can use.

When my daughter came home I bought this book off of Amazon.  It's called Montessori House: Curriculum for Infants and Young Toddlers Birth to Eighteen Months.
I had all the intentions in the world of using it.  It is an amazing book and the lessons are easy to follow and execute.  I love that they include records and that it is laid out really nicely.  Unfortunately my daughter spent most of her first year with us either in the hospital really sick, living at doctors, or at therapists.  So from 9 months plus her life was mostly about survival.  I laid the book aside very sadly.

Fast forward to now.  We are much healthier, she is moving at her own pace, and we are three. Primary age.  I pulled the book out the other day and said "little book you need a new home".

So I'm giving away this book free of charge!  It has really nice lessons in it.
Plus, it is super easy to use as I mentioned.  You don't have to spend oodles with flashy materials.  A lot you can diy.  

The book is divided into sections.  The sections are: Creating a nurturing learning environment, starting out, use of the hands, structuring and presenting practical life skills, and language and vocabulary specifics.  

You will find lots of helpful info from setting up that bedroom to basic glass carrying.  This book is a great guide for beginners who are feeling a bit overwhelmed.  

To enter the giveaway is simple!   All you need to do is two things.  One, leave a blog post comment on why you want to win this or what you would do with this awesome resource!  Two, either subscribe by e-mail or google connect so you don't miss any really cool giveaways from me!  I also give away fictional books and sometimes food.  Yummy!  The contest will end on the 23rd.  We will put the names in a hat and my seven year old will draw a winner.  I will announce the winner on my blog and they will have 48 hours to claim their prize!  Easy peasy!! Also one entry per family please!  
Good luck!!!  


  1. What an awesome giveaway! We have been working since the birth of my daughter to incorporate a Montessori way of life. she is 15 months old now. Every night I work on a hand written lesson plan for her so we have a guide for our days to be meaningful. I was a teacher for 7 years before staying home with her but I do not have the experience with infants/toddlers. i would love to use this to help guide me in my planning.

  2. It is good to hear your daughter is doing better now!

  3. My kiddos would die for this. With new baby on the way - we need all the help we can get!

  4. I would like it for my friend, who wants to raise her infant montessori, I wish I had been able to start that early!

  5. I have been trying to find this resource forever! Its seems the company has closed down and I can no longer buy it. :( My son is currently 6.5 months and I have incorporated as much of the Montessori philosophy as conveniently possible since birth. Having no teaching and no Montessori background, this album would be a great resource to me. If I am lucky enough to win this, I would use it diligently to encourage and support my son's development. Thanks so much for the chance to win it!

    1. You are so welcome:)!! I have your address and will be sending it out this week!!

    2. thank you so much. Please let me know how to pay for shipping.

    3. I paid for it, no worries:)!!

  6. Katie Garlinghouse I don't know why the comment didn't go through but thank you for contacting me. I have added you in.

  7. I have no Montessori background and this would help me a lot doing with my kids. Thank you for this.